Tenant Applications

To apply for housing, click the button below or download the paper application. For additional support, you can watch a short 7 minute video from our Information Sessions below, contact us, or talk to a community agency.  Make sure to follow the instructions below the video.

Really important things to know:.  

  • You don't have to have all of your information to apply and you can update your application with new information at any time
  • On-Line applications
    • Click both the 'Save and Continue' AND 'Submit' buttons when you are done, even if you haven't finished, so you can go back to complete it at any time
    • If you don't click 'Submit', your application will not be included for ranking
    • If you can't see the red 'Save and Continue' bar at the bottom of your screen, reduce the browser screen size in your browser settings
  • Paper Applications: Call us to update your application any time at 613.476.2148 ext 1529.

We rank applicants based on:

  1. Date of Application
  2. Current County residence unless you a) used to live here OR b) need to move here to help a family member stay in their home
  3. Your assets, and if your gross household income matches the size of unit you want  
  4. Your Housing Status  
  5. Your Household Characteristics 

If you disagree with a decision made about your application, you can appeal under our Tenant Application Policy.

Secondary Suites

The Secondary Suites Pilot Program is  being revised to launch in 2024. It's goal is to increase the supply of affordable long term rental housing for County residents through construction or renovation of existing residential properties. It is an interest free non-repayable loan of up to $25,000 for eligible owner-occupied or small landlords (fewer than 10 units).