Demo FAQ #3: Demolition starts March 20

17.03.23 12:35 PM Comment(s)

We're excited to confirm that the demolition of the Duke Dome will begin March 20. 

The work will begin today, March 17, with the delivery of heavy-duty excavators are by float trucks. Road closures won't be needed. 

Then, on Monday morning the 20th, the fences will be delivered to the site and erected on the perimeter of the property. From that point there will be absolutely no access by the public.

The demolition will start Monday afternoon at some point from West to East in a staged approach.

The original end date for the demolition was May 7th, but the  the contractor is very confident that the work will be completed by April 17th, three weeks ahead of schedule.

The County's By-Law Division have issued warnings to vehicles that have been parked in the parking lot without authorization. Any unauthorized vehicle in the parking lot on Monday morning will be towed and impounded and the owner is responsible for the associated costs.

The Housing Corporation will be installing a live feed demo-cam to provide a "live" feed of the demolition so residents can go online and see the demolition in process from the comfort of their home. The camera is also a security camera to monitor any activity outside of the work being done.

The work will be completed between the hours of 7:00 am and 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday with no work being done on weekends. 

In addition to the neighbourhood canvassing and community discussions at Wellington Manor Lodge and the Community Centre, the Affordable Housing Corporation will continue to be available to area residents to answer any questions.