Niles Street FAQ

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Update May 11 2023

Demolition on the former Wellington Arena began on March 20, 2023. When vermiculite asbestos used for insulation in the concrete blocks of the walls was found, demolition activities ceased while removal of the asbestos was conducted by the contracted company, certified to perform this abatement. A third party company has been monitoring the asbestos levels since it was discovered. 

The demolition resumed May 8, 2023 along the west wall as planned, when a small amount of vermiculite was found. Following protocol in excess of provincial requirements, the asbestos was removed at the same time the west wall was taken down. A Provincial government inspector has attended on site, has approved the current abatement protocols and demolition work. The third party contractor which has been monitoring the asbestos levels since March will be conducting additional testing of building materials over the next two weeks. Contractor staff continue to perform all mitigation techniques, and the Housing Corporation is actively working with the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks, and the Ministry of Labour and the Hastings Prince Edward Public Health to ensure community safety.